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Mr. Gambler Membership Options

Gain exclusive access to expert sports betting insights across all major sports. Includes daily email alerts featuring our big plays of the day!

7 Day Membership$75

30 Day Membership$250

1 Year Membership$1,300 ends after NBA Finals

What Time Do I Need to Sign Up By?

Every day, we create email lists based on membership sign-ups . Our cutoff time for email list gathering starts at 11 a.m. EST unless we say otherwise. If you sign up for a one-day pass after these times, you will not be included in that day's email send(s). Your signup will then be pushed until tomorrow’s email send. It is up to you to know this rule. We will not administer refunds if this mistake is made.

You should expect an email no later than one hour before the game starts. This only applies to the first bet(s) of the day. We will also communicate on Instagram.

Check your Promotions or Spam Folder.

The first emails we send you may get sent to your promotions or spam folders. Please check those places if you do not receive an email. We strongly suggest adding gmail alerts for our email

What If You Don’t Send Out Picks?

We do not send out picks every day. If you do not receive an email from us or receive an email indicating we are not making any plays, that means we did not see any opportunities and did not make plays. We have a system in place that requires patience. Please see Policy below for how many picks you should expect per week.

Bets Per Week — Our Policy

If you do not receive at least five picks each week, we will tack on an additional week's worth of picks to your account. Please reach out to and include details of the purchase. Our goal during the NFL, NBA, NCAAF, NCAAB seasons is to release at least 8-10 picks per week.

Policy During NBA and NHL Playoffs

As we enter the early Summer months, our opportunities will diminish due to fewer games. During this time, we can only promise 3-4 picks each week instead of our traditional five.

When Is Out Betting Off-Season?

Our betting season ends the day after the NBA playoffs have concluded and begins Week 0 of the College Football season. However, we’re also golfing nerds and may sling out some free off-season plays.

1 Year Memberships

Every month, we will prorate and discount this number until it is equal to or less than our 1 Month membership. This accounts for the season ending after the NBA Finals. As of August 2023, our current 1 Year Members is $1,300 (a nearly 60% discount compared to our weekly).

How Many Emails Should I Expect Per Day?

At least one email will be sent out per day detailing our picks for the day. However, we will be sending out potentially multiple emails based on opportunities we see.

  • Live Bets: If a game is live and we see an opportunity, we will fire off that play to your email. These are extremely timely positions that usually must be secured with your sports broker within only a few minutes.
  • Multiple Bets: If we foresee an opportunity in a later game, we will send out another email.

To get the most value out of our picks, we strongly advise creating a Gmail alert for whenever you receive an email from us.

There are many links you can find on Google if you do not know how to do this action.

When Should I Expect Picks By?

At least one hour before game time. Please follow our Instagram @mrgamblerclub as we will also be updating within our stories.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

  • Please read our T&C found here.
  • Please add gmail alerts for emails from our address
  • Please follow us on Instagram @mrgamblerclub to get communications from the team.

Lastly, we do not do refunds except in very special circumstances. Please reach out to for inquiries. While we do not do refunds, we will provide free play when appropriate.

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