Mr Gambler image heading
Mr Gambler image heading

Root Against Your Friends With Crypto

Mr. Gambler is a 1,000 JENESIS collection of randomly (de)generated ERC-721A tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Our mission is simple: build the largest community of degenerate gamblers in the metaverse.

Sports BettingCard Shark + Gaming Community

Daily Sports Plays + Live Bets

Peer-to-PeerSports + Poker Betting Without Rake

Cash-PrizesIRL + Online Tournaments

Horse Racing Live From Saratoga

Innovation FundFunding For The Future

Degen Diaries Anthology Series

Community feedback will heavily influence our goals over time

Member Tiers

Mr. Gambler is split into 4 tiers: Bronze / Silver / Gold / Platinum. The higher-valued tiers receive access to our more exclusive Discord channels, zero-dollar entry fees (when applicable), first entry to Winners Win tournaments, VIP treatment at any events we may host in the future, Community Bets channel contributors, and eligibility to win The Degen Diaries NFT collectibles.

All Platinum members receive access to exclusive Alpha and partnerships. Holding all four member statuses provides a direct line to our Degen team for sports betting consultations and shooting the bull during office hours.


Vroom-Vroooooom Map


Cash tournaments for promotion

Discord organic past 1,000 members

Blow up Discord, Twitter, Insta


25% Sold

Release daily sports picks

Live bets begin

2 Holders get customized Mr. Gamblers

50% Sold

Begin official poker games

2 Holders selected for first NFL giveaways

75% Sold

Begin Pick’Em challenges

2 Holders receive tickets to NY Giant game with Founders (Includes tailgate)

100% Sold

1 Holder gets ownership in future Mr. Gambler racehorse

Giveaway of first Degen Diaries NFT

Winners Win Tournaments dates announced

Vroom-Vroom map is subject to change based on community needs

Creative Lead / CEO

New England-based copywriter with a knack for creating chaos and pissing off his wife because he can’t stop betting the NY Giants moneyline (take the spread you idiot).

Chief Wager Maker

Florida-man aspirations with a love for sports betting, horse wagering, fish catching, and profit making. His mother is not impressed.

Tio Joe

Captain of the Bud Light chug. Lover of Buffalo Wild Wings. A passionate Southern boy with a sensitive soul when it comes to his golf game and art style.

Pablo Cash Huncho
Senior Risk Taker

When he ain’t slinging darts, he’s smoking them. Also, bets way too often on the overrated Brewers.

Product Development and Operations

Runs product development, strategy, and operations.

Rick Procter
Company Man #1

If your NFT doesn’t have a company man, are you even an NFT? Sad. He makes sure we're keeping to legal + ethical standards and acts as our representative in creating value-preferred partnerships.

Community Mod

If there are problems with the Discord, you can find Josh at Bookies Bar and Grill in Modesto to complain. He’s definitely 6’4, 225, and currently holds a black belt in Krav Maga, so good luck!

FAQ - Mr. Gambler Club

How many Mr. Gambler NFTs are there going to be?

There will be 1,000 unique, randomly generated degenerates.

What do I get with a Mr. Gambler NFT to start?
  • All-in-one platform for sports betting data, analytics, and betting community with rake-free and metaverse aspirations.
  • Our proven track record with daily sports plays + live bets – unlike the other clowns out there, we actually make money on Basketball and Football (screw baseball).
  • Our Beta Rake-Free Peer-to-Peer Betting platform (in development).
  • Entry to our “Winners Win” tournaments where holders pay a small or no fee to play in IRL and online sports and card-game events.
  • Live horse bets from our Degen team stationed at Saratoga Racetrack.
  • Degen Diaries featuring anthological series detailing the lives of Degens throughout the United States.
What’s the Mint date?

Mr. Gambler NFT pre-sale starts on September 7th 2022, 2:01 pm EST (6:01 pm UST)

What’s the Mint price going to be?

Each Mr. Gambler will cost .08 ETH to mint. For degens on allow list the pre-sale cost is .06 ETH. Note, you will also pay gas fees (see NFT Education) for the transaction on the Ethereum network. This is not a charge from Mr. Gambler.

How many Mr. Gambler NFTs can I mint?

You can mint as many as 5 Mr. Gamblers per wallet. This limit was determined based off the demand and current supply we will be releasing with the JENESIS Collection.

Speaking of, why JENESIS with a J?

Our artist’s first name is Joey, and we think it would be a good tribute to the man who brought us the art.

What IP rights do I have as a Mr. Gambler holder?

Find our terms here.

What are the secondary royalties?

Mr. Gambler NFT will deposit 7.5% of all secondary royalties into an Innovation Fund to help fund Degen activities and deliver value to our community! This includes product development of new revenue streams, operations, prize pool, legal, and salaries and/or distributions for the team.

How long will it take to reveal?

Mr. Gambler will be an instant reveal.

Where can I learn more about the Project?

Start by reading about us on our website and then check out our social media pages (we prefer Twitter as our current Insta looks like it was made by a 5 year old):


You can also learn about us and our project by visiting our Discord.

How to get started in Mr. Gambler?

You will first need to mint or buy our NFT on OpenSea. After you purchase your NFT, you will then be directed to our Discord. Here you will integrate your wallet with the channel. After, you will have full access to the community. Please refer to our NFT education Getting Started section or go to for integration support.

How may I contact Mr. Gambler for support?

If you are a holder or you are reading this information before the mint date, you can contact Mr. Gambler by creating a ticket in our Discord.

If you are having issues logging into Discord with your NFT, please reach out to for support.

Where can I submit ideas for the Mr. Gambler Project?

Only Holders may suggest ideas post mint. Please visit our #feedback and drop us a line in there.

When is the Pre-Sale date?

On September 7th, 2:00 pm EST (6 pm UST we will open the Pre-Sale to Allowlist holders for 48 hours. In order to get on the Allowlist, you will either need to win one of our select pre-mint poker games, pick’em challenges, giveaways, raffles, or get on our Pre-Mint. On Pre-Mint, we have not determined how AL spots will be distributed.

The Pre-Sale is 48 hours before the 'Public Mint,' so there should be no gas war. After the Pre-Sale is completed, we will have the 'Public Sale’ or Mint.

The Public Sale will open up and anyone can mint a Mr. Gambler NFT at this time.

How do I get in on the Pre-Sale?

We will be instituting Pre-Mint for our registration and Allowlist. Signing up through there makes you eligible to win a spot for any remaining Allowlist spots.

The Pre-Mint will be available no later than August 20th; how Allowlist spots will be chosen is TBD.

Registration: Before August 20th
Closes: September 4th

When is the reveal?

Instant. Because we like it fast, furious, and think you should know what you just bought.